How to Create a Full-Width Page Template with Thesis 2.0

Many web designers find a full-width page for some pages to make it more comfortable than other pages. Thesis skins currently offered to create a custom template.Now you can see how to create a new custom template with full-width.

How to Create a Full-Width Page Template with Thesis 2.0

Step 1: Go to your WordPress admin Dashboard

Step 2: Go to the Thesis 2 Skin Editor HTML Homepage.

Step 3: Click the home template then select Add New blue button under the Custom Templates section.

Step 4: After creating the template named as Full-Width.

Step 5: To create a duplicate template you just choose the needed template which template you want to copy from the Copy from Template drop down menu.

Step 6: Then click on Copy Template green button.

Step 7: Now open the new Full-Width template.

Step 8: Simply SHIFT & Drag the Sidebar box to remove it from the full-width template.

Step 9: Refresh your page you will see the sidebar area is still there even though there are no widgets.


 Step 10: Go to the thesis editor and click the gear icon next to your Full-Width page template and add theTemplate Body Class: fullwidth then save.

Step 11: Go to the Thesis 2 CSS page.

Step 12:  On the right side of the screen click create variable button and enter the name as Full Width Page. In the Reference field, use the variable fullwidth and for the Variable Value; use the code below:

.fullwidth .columns > .content { width: 100%; border-right: none; }

Step 13: After you have created your new variable you need to simply add $fullwidth to your CSS section and save.

Step 14: Finally, our CSS variable removed the sidebar area by making the .content { width: 100%; } and also removed the border for the Full-Width template.

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