How to change the layout in thesis 2

Thesis 2 WordPress has a default width of their sites. Default site width of 900 but nowaday the window’s screen will differ for each and everyone. Some people will use the large display screen some of them use mobiles to browse the site. Portrait monitors are likely 1024 pixels wide. Let see how to change the layout.

Steps to change the layout in thesis 2

You can use a browser plugin to measure the width of our site Now let see how to make 2 column layout for your site.

You want to change 3 CSS elements to set our desired column and site width.

  1. container
  2. column
  3. sidebar

Step 1: Go to the Thesis 2 Skin Editor  CSS Homepage.

Step 2: From the Thesis 2 CSS page, click on the “Container” package.



Step 3: In that click on options tab and change the width as you need for example 980. You just enter the number it will assume as pixels.After enter the width click the green “Save” button.

Step 4: Now, you have to divide the site into 2 column named as content and sidebar. 

Step 5: Now click on the “Columns” CSS Package.

Step 6: In that click on options tab and expand column 1 then add the width as you need for example 650.

Step 6: Scroll down the same column package and expand Column 2.Then add the width as you need in this case you have to consider the container and content width. For example   980(container) – 650 (content)= 330(remaining). so 330 will be the exact sidebar width for my site.

Step 7: Now click the green “Save” button.

Step 8: Next click the green “Save CSS” button.

Step 9: Go to your home page and click refresh. You will see the changes of your site.

Hope you liked our complete guide on How to change the layout in thesis 2. Share it with your thesis friends to let them know.