Thesis 2 Theme Vs Genesis Theme – Which Is Better ?

I am been using thesis for most of my sites due to its easy to customize features but I have also used genesis on many of my starter websites.In this post, i will provide an in-depth review without favoring thesis over genesis even though I am a thesis designer first.


View thesis theme price:

The thesis theme price plan is divided into three packages. Namely Basic plan, Professional plan, Basic plus plan. All these plans having different features.

Basic plan: This plan price starts at $87. This plan offers only one licensed domain, 12 months Product updates and it supports email for 12 months. It supports responsive design.

Professional plan: This plan price starts at $197. This plan offers unlimited licensed domain,  lifetime Product updates and it supports email for the lifetime. It supports responsive design and social trigger skin.

Basic plus plan: This plan price starts at $164. This plan offers only one licensed domain, 12 months Product updates and it supports email for 12 months. It supports responsive design and social trigger skin.


View Genesis theme price:

Genesis theme price package divided into two plan namely Genesis framework and pro plus membership.

Genesis framework: This is the basic plan and the price starts $59.95. It offers unlimited updates, tutorials.It offers trail pack for the new users.

Pro-plus membership: It is used for the big and professional website. This plan price starts $499.95. It offers unlimited updates, tutorials.It offers all features and genesis framework. You can save more than $1200 from this plan.

SEO Options:

Genesis has serious chops when it comes to SEO options. It controls all the head of your HTML document. It also controls and manages the h1 tags, heading, etc., It also provides standard features as well as canonical URL control. It provides SEO options on individual posts, pages, categories, etc., It allows you to create the standard custom title tags, custom meta descriptions, and custom meta tags. You can also add custom canonical URL for each individual post.

A thesis is the best support and does a great job with SEO options. It controls all the heading h1 to h6 tags. SEO options are inbuilt in the thesis theme. It default removes all of the WPGarbage. It is very flexible and you can set custom title tags, meta descriptions, and meta tags. You can also redirect any of the post and pages to URL. Thesis has an added SEO bonus as of 1.8.

Design Options:

Genesis is an extremely efficient framework with SEO options but design options in Genesis leaves me sorely disappointed.  It allows you to add breadcrumbs and author box. The ability to specify a 1, 2, or 3 column layout for each post and page. It allows you to add custom tracking code on a per-post and page basis.

Thesis design options are really shines. you can control the size, colour and layout, etc., Design options available in your WordPress dashboard.  You can also use the  javascript libraries on each page and post.It allows you to use a full- width framework. It supports magazine style layout with animated  featured posts. You can add bylines, comments, teasers, and post content. It provides new post thumbnail system and you can also inserting the image ourself and makes your post looks nice.

Speed Test:

For this test, i installed WordPress on a VPS server with digital ocean using the default ubuntu 14 droplets and with the easy engine without any cache solutions.

I found that thesis and genesis are both fast and there was the only a little difference in speed of loading.

Removing footer attribution link on Thesis vs Genesis:

How easy is it to remove the default footer and add a custom footer in both the theme.

With a thesis, you have to go to the thesis editor on the WordPress dashboard and then go to skin content.

Where you can find a box named footer attribution. Which you can click and change the footer to your liking or even use HTML code inside it.

As you can see thesis is much faster compared to genesis. With a thesis, you don’t have to use FTP to edit the theme file or use any additional hooks plugin. You just have to go to the Thesis editor > HTML window and find and remove the footer.

 Future Outlook

Genesis outlook is very positive. The few pitfalls Genesis currently has are results of only being 6 months out from release. The fact that it has apparently been merged with Copyblogger certainly points to a bright future.

A Thesis will continue to be one of the driving forces pushing WordPress theme development forward. Given the innovative nature of the recent Thesis updates, the future looks very bright for Thesis as well.